IlluviTalks Episode 1

52 sec read

The first episode of Illuvitalks, the exciting new series all about Illuvium, aired on YouTube on April 13th 2022.

* In this great conversation between Max, Kyle and Andrew Wall, topics included:

*the likelihood of DAOs owning big brands in the future

* why applying new technology to old world ways is not the right strategy

* how future brands and technology and innovation will be built

* Illuvium’s ability to empower its community

* the shift in power as we transition from Web 2.0 to 3.0 which allows people to effectively become a member of the board of directors through the DAO

* how being part of a DAO will become a form of social currency

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* is Sony’s announcement about their $1 billion investment in gamefi and metaverse a PR stunt? What’s the actual truth?

* the favourite Illuvial

* how gamefi is driving innovation

* how Illuvium may actually break the internet

* Dr Disrespect’s launch of a game studio and NFTs and its tokenomics

* the future of indie games and Web 3.0

* why the infamous Darth Vader mistake will never be repeated

* the future of gaming for our children

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