Build cities and earn huge yields from skilled NFTs in Platopia May 2022

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Speedo, Pudgy, Gifted, Diligent or Hibernate – what skills does your NFT have? The more skilled it is, the more you can earn!

Platypus is launching their gamified interface in May 2022 under the name ‘Platopia.’

Within the Platopia realm, utility NFTs can be minted and traded to catalyze superior yield performance. Platypus is already leading the race with its novel AMM, genius algorithm and innovative concepts – and the launch of its GameFi will transform how users interact with decentralized exchanges.

As they deep dive into the world of GameFi, it is crucial to note that Platypus is not solely turning into a GameFi. Users still have the choice to use the original interface that made Platypus the dominant stableswap it is today.

Welcome to the world of Platopia

Starting out in a desolate snow land after an apocalypse, Platopia is going to be a city-building simulation game where players can stake their crypto assets and earn rewards in a fun and creative way. The first phase in Platopia’s roadmap is a gamified interface, and a full-on world of interactivity will be released in the future.

The most revolutionary part is the yield-boosting NFT. It will change how liquidity providers earn returns with various features and advantages.

Yield generating NFT

As users of Platypus would already know, their voted escrow PTP (vePTP) is a token that rushes liquidity providers’ returns forward to a voluminous APR that reaches up to the hundreds. Platypus NFTs add even more spice and spark, and there are only 10,000 of them to be minted.

Each NFT is a unique platypus hero with randomly generated attributes. These attributes are brought together indiscriminately through the minting process, which equals a score that determines the class of the NFT.

Platypus heroes are born with one skill. These skills, along with the NFT score, influence yield-boosting capabilities.

  • Speedo – Speeds up vePTP generation in percentage
  • Pudgy – Increases vePTP cap in percentage
  • Gifted – Increases your vePTP and vePTP cap by a fixed amount
  • Diligent – Increases vePTP generation by a fixed amount (subject to cap)
  • Hibernate – Retains a portion of vePTP upon unstaking (subject to cap)

Users can possess more than one NFT. However, each address can only be equipped with one for yield boosting. Owning a Platypus NFT also provides other perks such as an exclusive Discord channel and access to alpha leaks for Platypus’ big updates and announcements.

Minting will start in May with very limited slots.

About Platypus

Platypus pioneers a novel stableswap, exclusively on Avalanche. Their open liquidity pool designs allow easy integration of multiple assets into the same liquidity pool for shared liquidity, maximizing capital efficiency and minimizing slippage. This unique design also enables single-sided liquidity provision, paving the way for countless possibilities via DeFi’s composability.

To learn more about Platopia and Platypus NFT, check out their brochure here.

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