Illuvium Showcase: 25 Illuvium Leaks – Illuvitar Upgrades, Animations, Governance, Beta Gameplay, Events And More!

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If you want to find out all the latest developments on Illuvium, now’s your chance!

A brand new Illuvium showcase has launched on Twitch and anyone with any interest at all in the AAA cryptocurrency game needs to be in on it!

Watch it here!

Episode 1 is definitely not to be missed as Andrew Wall goes into detail about 25 different Illuvium leaks, which covee subjects such as:

>>> The exciting new upgrades to Illuvitars, including new pricing and new ways to buy which will make them much more accessible to more people

>>> Updates to videos and images, concept art and animations

>>> Upcoming events

You can also watch as Andrew demonstrates how to play the private beta game, and find information about community and governance.

This is really a fantastic opportunity to find out all the latest developments in this incredible game so make sure you catch it now! Here’s the link:

Or just go to and search for ‘Illuvium’. You’re going to love it!

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