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Illuvium is a highly sophisticated play-to-earn (P2E) role-playing (RPG) DeFi NFT collection and auto battler game, whose beautiful, full colour 3D graphics and promise of AAA cinematic gameplay is set to revolutionise the future of blockchain games.

A unique blend of science fiction and fantasy, this auto battler game is set in a beautiful yet mysterious world full of strange alien creatures. It’s also an NFT collection game and unlike many other P2E blockchain games which also reward you for taking part in quests, tournaments and challenges, Illuvium’s NFTs have real-world value.

With a huge explorable landscape of crystal labyrinths, toxic deserts and windswept mountains summits, whose rich and detailed graphics have been meticulously crafted by some of the best digital artists in the world, gorgeous and high value NFTs, carefully crafted storytelling and real-time, character-focused gameplay, Illuvium really is a cut above other blockchain games.

Built on the Ethereum network and integrated with the layer 2 Immutable-X protocol, it offers zero gas fees for minting or trading assets and over 900 transactions per second.

The game centres around a player-driven economy where players can create their own unique content.Fully decentralized, it represents a new age in gaming where players can earn distributions and vote on issues related to the game itself. This is true user governance.

Founded in Sydney in 2020 by Kieran and Aaron Warwick, the brothers of Kian Warwick who founded the DeFi protocol Synthetix, the team of over 70 expert designers includes high profile developers like Nate Wells who worked on hit games like Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It was developed on Unreal Engine 4 whose outstanding animation makes the game far superior to other blockchain games.

Most games so far built on Ethereum have faced the limitations of blockchain scalability.

Illuvium has avoided this by adding Immutable X, a scalable second layer that adds capacity for hosting hundreds of thousands of players around the world. It also greatly improves speed and performance with Zero-Knowledge Rollups for near-instant transactions, and zero gas fees for carbon-neutral NFT minting and trading.  Other benefits of Immutable X include:

  • Users can manage their own NFTs with a high level of security
  • Transactions are instant and verifiable
  • You don’t need to own a L2 token to buy, sell, send or receive NFTs
  • Off-chain minting provides more interesting and exciting game mechanics and design
  • Over 9000 transactions per second
  • Better NFT liquidity so buyers can find what they want and sellers can find potential buyers. This is done via a ‘metadata order’ to help buyers buy content (single or bulk) quickly and easily based on the basic attributes of the NFT, and through aggregate liquidity, allowing assets to be listed instantly on any exchange that supports Immutable X.
  • Sellers pay Immutable X just 1% of the sale price.


Illuvium is an open world story-driven exploration and auto battler game in which your aim is to collect unique NFT assets. You will explore a vast and varied 3D landscape, travelling from land to land on a quest to uncover the planet’s mysteries and to hunt, fight and capture deity-like creatures called Illuvials, nurse them back to health and then add them to your fighting team, upgrading and trading them strategically.

You store your assets in a wallet and can trade them with other players in-game or on an exchange where they have real-world value.

You can also earn in-game rewards through competitions, tournaments and other quests, and stake your assets in a decentralised framework.


Mayday! Mayday! Part of an intergalactic space fleet, your transport ship receives a distress call from a mysterious planet that’s almost completely covered by a vast crystal ocean.

Crash! An extreme weather event on the surface of the planet creates a burst of radiation that disables the ship’s engines. Your spaceship has crashed into this ruined planet and you are the only survivor of the wreckage!

You find yourself marooned in a dying yet beautiful world full of diverse environments and climates. Welcome to the world of Illuvium. A shattered land of beauty and wonder.

As you clamber out of the wreckage, you discover an ancient almanac with ‘Illuviary’ scribbled on the cover. Is this the answer to the planet’s mysteries? Inside is an index of the strange Illuvial creatures which roam this planet. It holds all the information about the species and their discoverers, but every entry is locked. To unlock them you must find and capture the Illuvials and record their digital signature in the Illuviary. If you are the first in the universe to discover a particular digital signature, your name will forever appear next to your discovery in the worldwide Illuviary database – and you will be able to sell it.

Now you have many questions. What are Illuvials? What caused this destruction? So you set out on a quest to uncover Illuvium’s mysteries.

Your first steps are to customise your character and choose your sidekick, a Polymorphic Subordinate Drone. Once you’re both ready, it’s time to head out and explore the planet’s mysteries. You become a Hunter. Your first mission is to capture an Illuvials by beating it in a battle and capturing it in a Shard. It will recover its health and become a loyal and trusted part of your team that you can use in battle. Build your dream team and think strategically to outsmart and outmanoeuvre your opponents in intense auto-battles.

As you travel you also need to unlock strange obelisks that let you travel faster and explore further. 

At first you play as yourself and then as you capture Illuvials you play as them too. Along the way you will collect different weapons which can be strengthened with rare minerals.



The beautiful world of Illuvium is inhabited by over 100 mystical beasts and deity-like creatures called Illuvials, each with its own special strengths, qualities, properties and abilities. Your mission is to capture and collect them. Some are common and easy to find, while others are incredibly rare and therefore more powerful. Keep an eye out for the rare Shiny, Gold, or Holographic captures as they are most valuable and powerful.

Over time and as you gain experience of combat and adventure, your entire team will grow in power. If they’re injured in battle you return them to the shard to heal and regenerate. This is time-based and if you need to regain you full fighting force quickly you can pay a fee or use various items to speed up the process. If you don’t have much time to play but still wants a strong team, you can buy Illuvials on the IlluviDEX.

Illuvials are classified into Classes and Affinities and their characteristics determine their rarity, utility and desirability. Your mission is to assemble teams and use your imagination to increase their strength and power with unique symbiotic relationships to become an unbeatable team and become victorious.  


The Classes are:

  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Guardian
  • Psion
  • Empath

You can combine classes to strengthen your Illuvial and add to its powers. For example, Rogue + Fighter = Slayer. Or combine two of the same class for stronger skills of that class, eg. Psion+Psion = Invoker.


Each Illuvial has relationships with certain elements in the world around them, making them more powerful in some situations than others. The Affinities are:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Nature

You can create more powerful Ascended Illuvials by combining affinities, eg. Air + Earth = Dust; Air + Water = Frost; Fire + Fire = Inferno. Based on the type of their affinity, each Illuvial inflicts or receives damage. A water Illuvial, for example, will be stronger than a fire Illuvial and weaker than an earth-based one. 


Illuvials can form relationships, or synergies, with each other based on their affinities or classes, and this increases their strength and power.  When you’re building your team, you must pay attention to class and affinity synergies. You need to think strategically because some combinations will be more effective and successful than others. You also need to consider the strengths of your opponents’ squad and how you can defeat them.

Each class has its own unique synergy, so a team of Guardians will be weaker than a team of Rogues! You must form strategic synergies that increase your chances of victory. Your ideal team will contain qualities and characteristics that work well together as a single combat unit, although you’ll need to take your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses into account too.

Some synergies work better together than others and the combinations are crucial to your success in battles. For example, an Overgrowth Illuvial (Nature + Nature) battling against an Inferno will not be successful! So you must choose Illuvials which can put up a good fight against your competitor.

And because some Illuvials are extremely rare, their fused forms are even more unique. Capture rare Illuvials and your team may be unbeatable!

In addition to classes and affinities, Illuvials may display other attributes that help create stronger teams and increase each player’s chance of success. For example, attributes may affect the Illuvilal’s strength, speed, or health, and players can improve these attributes by purchasing or collecting in-game components. Furthermore, Illuvials generally become stronger with each fight they win.


Once you have three of the same type of Illuvial and they have attained their highest possible level through combat, you can fuse them into an Ascended form, a single more powerful and rare creature with different attributes, sometimes even of a completely different class or type. This means you can battle and defeat stronger and tougher opponents.  And of course the more powerful the fused Illuvial the more valuable it is.

Additional Attributes

Each Illuvial also has additional attributes that determine its strength, health, speed, savagery and damage, and you can also enhance them with in-game items that you can find, purchase or craft.

Weapons and Armour

Weapons and armour are represented by NFTS, and your selection is crucial to your victory.

You will wear your own protective armour. Good armour can be the key to victory or defeat and can be forged from items mined from the surface of the planet or purchased from the IlluviDEX.  It is your defence against the beasts that you fight so it needs to be strong. If it becomes damaged you may need to wait for it to regenerate. Each suit of armour has different properties so your choice can dictate the outcome of the battle. Armour can be sold on the IlluviDex like the other NFTs.

You will also choose your own futuristic weapons and you can even infuse them with crystals and gemstones that store the essence of Illuvials, allowing you to emit an aura of affinity and class that boosts your Illuvials during the fight. There’s even a lightsaber! To make these weapons, you will need to find and mine and collect resources from the surrounding environment. Weapon NFTs can be bought and sold on the Illuvidex.


Each Illuvial is represented by a unique non-fungible token (NFT) and can be freely traded on external exchange platforms and the gas-free IlluviDEX. Every time you capture an Illuvial, a new NFT is minted and stored in your wallet. The more powerful and valuable an Illuvial is, the higher the price in the NFT marketplace.

On launch, there will be many Illuvials to capture and fight, but they are finite and will become more and more rare as they are fused together. The DAO will therefore need to release further Illuvials from time to time, and the original ones will continue to be traded and their price will rise as they become rarer and rarer.


Earlier inhabitants of the planet harnessed the essence of Illuvials’ energy by capturing them in slivers of crystal called Shards, which are mined from the planet’s surface. When a Shard successfully captures an Illuvial, a new Illuvial NFT is minted and sent to your wallet, and that Illuvial becomes a devoted member of your team.

Shards have varying power levels. Less powerful Shards are likely to fail against powerful Illuvials. When you mine them from the ground, you can’t choose their strength and the most powerful ones are rare. To be sure you have ones with the strength you need to defeat the Illuvials you are after, you can buy specific Shards at the IlluviDEX.


It is not just the Illuvials who fight. Players also fight the battle alongside them, and your player character can be one of the most influential elements on the battlefield. 


The world of Illuvium is vast and many of its regions are blocked by giant obelisks and inaccessible to the early settlers (players). As they progress and unlock the obelisks, you’ll be able to travel instantly from one place to another as more and more regions open up allowing access to new and more challenging parts of the planet and more powerful Illuvials.


As well as storage and help during battle, your drone companion can also mine minerals, ores, uncured shards and rare gemstones from the planet’s surface and forge them into useful items like weapons and suits of armour. Some of these materials are rarer than others and therefore more valuable in battle, so you can use them to win battles or sell them on the IlluvidEX.  You can also harvest alien fruits which help to energise your Illuvials.


These are cosmetic changes to your items (including weapons, armour and even your Drone) that can add value to your collection  by further differentiating your acquisitions from others.


​​Once you have strategically assembled your team, you can join the fight against your opponents in the auto-battler. As the name suggests, Illuvium’s battles are not turn-based. Instead, you select your Illuvials and place them strategically to attack your opponent. This is why you must choose Illuvials with good synergy and which are strong against your opponent’s team.

Hunters are encouraged to use their upgraded Illuvials to build the ultimate fighting team which works together to battle other characters’ Illuvials in player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) the battle arenas. Players earn rewards and maintain a winning streak to acquire the rank of best Hunter on the planet. Training your team through combat will make them level up and grow stronger as they develop their powers. 

When the battle begins, each Illuvial will find an enemy target and begin attacking it. During the battle, through attacks and damage, they will gain energy. Once they reach a certain limit, they’ll release a special Ultimate Ability, which can change the course of the game.

These Ultimates can cause damage, enhance allies or themselves, hinder enemies, or hit so hard that enemies are knocked out of the arena. The battle ends when a team is completely defeated. And when you beat other players’ Illuvials, you will win ETH.

There are 2 arenas where you battle other Hunters to prove who is superior.

  1. Ranked Arena

Once you’ve captured some Illuvials and want to start battling, you’ll enter a matchmaking queue in the Ranked Arena where you will be matched with a random opponent of a similar combat skill level.  

2. Leviathan Arena

Here you may also call out individual players and challenge them to a battle that spectators can bet on. You can flaunt your Illuvial collections and win or lose ILV tokens based on the battles, bets, and performances during the arranged fights.

It’s important to remember that Illuvium is an auto-battler. This means that both players must choose their Illuvials, weapons and armour before the match. You don’t manually choose attacks or have the ability to alter the outcome once the battle has started.


You can begin playing Illuvium for free in the Tier 0 regions of the world, where you can learn the game and understand its mechanics. You’ll be able to mine free shards, pick up tools and capture a few weak Illuvials and this is a great way to get started before spending any money in the IlluviDEX.

As you win battles you get stronger and more powerful by collecting special items and you will need to opt-in to the paid version to collect NFTs and more in-game assets from higher-tiered regions. 


A mobile add-on to the game, this is a building game that lets you create your own city and industrial complex that can interact with the main game. It adds a digital land ownership component to Illuvium. You will farm and mine resources on your land to build your complex.  There are 2 forms of land:

  1. Free – resources produced here can’t be used within the main game
  2. Paid – these resources can be used in the main game for activities like curing shards.


The IlluviDEX is Illuvium’s very own built-in decentralised exchange platform (DEX), an online marketplace where you can safely buy, sell and trade your in-game assets like digital land and NFTs including Illuvials, weapons, armour and skins.

The Illuvidex is governed by the Illuvium DAO and each sale has a 5% fee which goes into the rewards pool for ILV stakers, and the Immutable X platform (IMX) takes 1% of all transactions on their network in exchange for waiving gas fees.

Illuvium NFTs can also be listed and traded on other exchanges.


The ultimate goal of Illuvium is to create a fully decentralized gaming ecosystem that runs and finances itself. 

Kieran Warwick said, “We strongly believe a decentralised gaming economy provides the best fusion between crypto/blockchain/DAO enthusiasts and gamers looking for open access devoid of corporate interference.”

Thanks to the Illuvium DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), the game is governed by majority rule rather than a central authority. And a major highlight is the fact that as soon as you hold some Illuvium you too can, if you wish, participate in the development and administration of the game, getting involved in decision making and the future of the game, influencing its artistic and structural direction and sharing real time feedback with the development team!

Illuvinati Council

Holders of the ILV token can use their tokens (with quadratic scaling applied to make things fairer) to nominate individuals (including themselves) to become candidates for the “Illuvinati Council,” the elected group responsible for running the Illuvium DAO. After a 72-hour voting period, five individuals are elected to the Council and they will govern the platform and be responsible for acting in the DAO’s best interest. They will represent the community and vote on proposals that come through the Illuvium Improvement Process (IIP), such as configurable council values, marketplace fees, capture mechanics, expansions, systems and contracts, to ensure they are transparent and well-governed to safeguard the game’s future.

After a set period of time, called the Council Epoch, Council Members are paid in ILV and the voting process is repeated.

This is all overseen by the Executioner DAO (eDAO), a group of core contributors and admins whose role it is to round up nominees, prepare votes and generally move IIPs and other governance workstreams forward. They also have the power to step in to veto a proposal.


The ILV token allows holders to partake in yield farming, staking and governance of the Illuvium DAO.

If you want rewards with low risk, the network’s Liquidity Mining pools are worth considering. You can stake your tokens here to secure profits without the risk of losing your digital assets.

Illuvium will reward stakers with distributions of ILV from the Vault, which is funded by 100% of in-game purchases and a 5% commission from trades on the IlluviDEX. Tokens are distributed in proportion to your stake.

As soon as you hold any ILV tokens you can stake them (ie. add them to a pool where they are used within the Illuvium ecosystem) and earn rewards from the network in return.

You can lend your ILV to help maintain liquidity of the funding pools in two different ways depending on how long you want to lock up your stake for:

Yield Farming

This increases community engagement and strengthens the DAO governance. You can claim your rewards immediately as sILV, in-game tokens with no real-world value. It is a synthetic form of ILV which you can claim at any time to use as a currency within the game to buy things like travel, armour, weapons, cosmetic upgrades and revival of injured Illuvials. You can’t use it for player-to-player transactions like buying and selling Illuvials or Leviathan Arena wagers.

Liquidity Mining

You can also stake and lock up your tokens for up to one year You cannot access your rewards until the end of the lock up period and then you will receive ILV. The purpose of the liquidity mining program is to distribute ILV tokens to reward early adopters like you. This helps to grow the community of people who own the tokens and bring more liquidity to the market. You can stake your ILV tokens to support the protocol, get access to governance and receive percentages from in-game fees. And when you do stake, you will receive token distributions and will be able to vote on everything from game features to tokenomics! So you will be helping to form the decentralized governance program and to write the game’s future!


You can stake ILV directly from your wallet.

  1. Go to and connect the wallet that holds your ILV tokens.
  2. Choose the core pool and click ‘Stake’.
  3. Choose between Locked and Flexible. Locked will double your pool weighting and gives a higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and Flexible has no multiplier rewards. This encourages long-term investors as the longer you invest for the more tokens you will receive in income distribution.
  4. Choose the amount of ILV tokens to stake.
  5. At the end of the lock up period, collect your staking rewards in ILV or sILV.


ILV is Illuvium’s native ERC20 token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. You don’t need to hold tokens to play Illuvium

The main functions of ILV tokens are

  1. In-game rewards for achievements
  2. Game Governance, Through the Illuvium DAO, holders have voting power within the Illuvinati Council facilitating community collaboration to improve the game
  3. Liquidity mining, The purpose of the liquidity mining program is to distribute ILV from the treasury to early adopters and incentivize new adopters to participate in the Illuvium community. When ILV token holders stake their tokens, they share in the success of Illuvium via a passive income in ILV, which is funded via in-game fees and purchases. 100% of the revenue from the sales and games is shared amongst ILV stakers. you will earn distributed yields in ILV or sILV by staking your Illuvium tokens.
  4. Vault distributions. By staking ILV, the user will earn passive income in ILV, funded through in-game fees and purchases. 100% of revenue from the game & sales will be distributed among ILV stakers.

Whilst the predominant in-game currency is ETH there are 2 forms of the Illuvium token:

  1. ILV – like ETH, this is used for battle rewards, governance, staking and distributions.
  2. A synthetic version called sILV which can only be used as an in-game currency. It is pegged to the price of ILV. You can spend these tokens in exchange for various in-game items and functions. You can use them for enhancements, skins and emotes, Shard Curing, Imbues, Wagering Battles, Illuvium Revival, Obelisk Travel and Enhancements.

The maximum amount of the token that can ever exist is 7 million combining ILV and sILV while 3 million will be given as staking rewards totaling 10 million.


  1. Find matching Illuvials, train them to their highest level, fuse them, and then sell them for higher values
  2. Find and sell rare Illuvials and other NFT assets
  3. Trading NFTs on the IlluviDex or other exchanges. They’ll be sold for Ethereum – bought on the marketplace for ETH and sold on the marketplace for ETH. And the small transaction fee in the middle gets turned into ILV and given to stakers.
  4. Completing quests, competitions and tournaments
  5. Placing wagers on battles
  6. Staking
  7. Players can then take their characters onto the battlefield and success may mean rewards of real-world money.


You can buy Illuvium through a cryptocurrency exchange, a specialised marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Step 1: Choose the exchange which has the features you want, eg. low fees, locality, ease of use, customer support, deposit methods, user reviews, supported fiat currencies and the range of cryptocurrencies available.  



Easy for beginners to use

Good range of currencies including many altcoins

400+ trading pairs

Competitive fees and commissions

Accepts USA residents excluding New York & Washington State


Most popular exchange in India

Part of the Binance Group, which ensures a high standard

Accepts worldwide investors

Good for beginners as well as professional traders

100+ trading pairs

Step 2: Create an account – you’ll need to complete the KYC (Know your Customer) onboarding by verifying your email address and identity, so have your photo ID and phone/webcam ready. You may also need to prove your address by uploading a copy of a recent bank statement or utility bill.

Step 3: Once you’ve verified your identity, it’s a good idea to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) before depositing any funds. This will increase the security of your account and help keep your funds safe.

Step 4: Deposit some funds using your preferred payment method. You can either deposit local currency from a bank account or credit card, or transfer cryptocurrency from another exchange or wallet.

Step 5: Buy Illuvium. Exchange your funds for Illuvium, either by entering the amount you want to purchase and clicking buy for a set price or by opening a trade in the spot market which allows you to set your own price – this is a cheaper option than buying for a set price.

Step 6: Decide how to store your ILV. You can either keep it on the exchange you purchased it in, or withdraw it to your personal WALLET. ILV is an ERC20 token, so you have a lot of wallet options to store it in. A physical hardware wallet is the safest type of cryptocurrency wallet. You can carry it with you (like a USB stick) and it stores the private keys needed to send crypto. Without the physical device present, crypto cannot be sent. 

Best wallet:   LEDGER WALLET


You can cash out your ILV with the same exchange you bought it through:

  1. Sign in to the exchange you have ILV on.
    If you store your Illuvium in a digital wallet, compare crypto exchanges to sell it on.
  2. Place a sell order.
    Choose the amount of ILV you’d like to sell.
  3. Complete your transaction.
    Confirm the sell price and fees and close your sale of Illuvium.


Illuvium’s beautiful graphics, open-world gameplay and compelling storyline make it extremely attractive for casual and dedicated gamers alike, giving everyone the opportunity to easily take part and start winning real-life value.

Collecting the in-game NFTs means you possess truly rare items over which you have total control, and that you can store and trade outside the game. And in this user-driven economy, the players are in charge.

All of these benefits will ensure that Illuvium becomes one of, if not the, best and most popular cryptocurrency games on the blockchain. Taking everything into account, Illuvium is a significant force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry due to its unique look, feel, and functionality, all of which are of higher quality than anything else around.

Kieran Warwick, stated, “Players craving an addictive AAA-quality game will see that Illuvium is bringing an enjoyable, epic adventure into the cryptogaming space.”

So what are you waiting for?


  1. Go to and click ‘Register’ to create a new account
  2. Fill in your mail address and a password
  3. Confirm the registration at your email



Finally, join the community at

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