Shrapnel Empowers Players From Low Income Countries To Develop Own NFT Game And Play To Earn

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Many P2E games make it difficult for players from low income countries to get started and really benefit financially. After a massive investment round, a new game looks set to open up possibilities for everyone.

  • Avalanche based game raised $7 million in private investment round.
  • Players can direct their own gaming experience.

Shrapnel, a novel shooting game based on Avalanche sold raised $7 million in a private token sale event. It recorded this success thanks to the involvement of Dragonfly and Three Arrows Capital as well as angel investors like Keith Nunziata of Citadel Global Equities and Jason Zhao of Kleiner Perkins.

Neon, a company that evolved out of HBO Interactive, is the studio responsible for developing Shrapnel. They already raised $10.5 million in November in a deal led by Griffin Gaming Collaborators and Polychain Capital.

Investors are leaning towards GameFi

While interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) is not as hot as it once was, blue-chip professional tokens (NFT) remain popular. Venture investors are now more interested in the “catchall,” where players earn bitcoin and NFT rewards for performing activities and competing against other players. This innovation is a welcome development among gamers.

While GameFi is still in its infancy, the industry has so much room for improvement. Additionally, it is suggested that there should be far more tokenomics infrastructure and methods for individuals to collaborate.

Players can influence their game experience

Mark Long, CEO of Shrapnel, stated during a discussion that the first generation of play-to-earn games involved a “particularly heinous form of digital sharecropping.” People from low-income countries such as Peru and the Philippines work hard to earn money with characters they cannot afford to own outright.

Additionally, Helium asserts that Avalanche’s store-quality products should function. Long also discusses Ubisoft’s hasty entry into NFTs, which Helium believes should work. If a game publisher allows users to influence their own game experience, it could be a major step in the right direction. That is what Shrapnel hopes to achieve. It’s all about providing players the opportunity to affect the course of the game. As a result, we’ll provide them with the same tools as other developers.

Blockchain-connected Avalanche

There are a few ways in which engineers have introduced a metagame, open-mindedness: When Epic Games makes a game like Fortnite, they use labels to track everything that happens in the game. This includes how many people love the game and how well it performs. It costs money and time, Long said. In Helium’s words: “Blockchain is free in its own heart,” it says, “Anyone can get a job and work at it.”

At Avalanche, Shrapnel makes tin beryllium chains that meet the needs and rules of the game. People who work for Ava Labs, the company that makes Avalanche, say that being able to set up Avalanche blockchain-connected removes a lot of work and reduces the risk of people getting incorrect information. “We have a lot of engineers who can’t work because of this arsenic.” It would be great if they could figure out how to make a good subnet for their game. They can also use that subnet in other games, if they play different games with their token, there is a great value.

Final Thoughts

It invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses. Shrapnel, a game that will be made on the Avalanche blockchain in the future, has sold tokens for $7 million. Avalanche’s creator, Helium, says Shrapnel could become one of the big games on the blockchain. Everyone can do a job and work on it, says Helium’s CEO about the open-ended nature of their games.

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