Top 30 YouTube Crypto Scammers

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Scam Or No Scam? You Decide!

Fraud, theft, intrigue, lies, detective work and clues. All the stuff of a Hollywood heist movie. But not so entertaining when it’s you who’s been defrauded. Here’s a selection of some of the controversial crypto events that have taken place in the last couple of years. Do you think they’re all scams? How many would you have invested in?

1. Blatant Pump And Dump!

Via: Wall Street Millenial

2. Pump & Dump: Victims Tricked

Via: The Straits Times

3. Bitlue Discord Pump And Dump Scam Exposed 

via: TruthACapitalCrime

4. AGRI – AgriFORCE, The Paid Pump & Dump Scam

Via: Friendly Bear Research

5. The Dollar Vigilante XEQ Pump And Dump

Via: Potmetal

6. Pump And Dump Scam: FBI Fugitive Steals Millions |

Via: Retold – Documentaries & Reconstructions

7. Chinese PUMP & DUMP-Scam Alert…$TIRX

Via: Financially Ripped

8. Don’t Be Fooled By The Shiba Pump & Dump

Via: Wall Street Millenial

9. MASSIVE Penny Stock Scam Uncovered By SEC

Via: Wall Street Millenial

10. Huge Crypto Fraud! Pump and Dumps $ NFT scam 

Via: Don Cryptonian

11. Crypto Pump And Dump Scam EXPOSED

Via: Chris Palmer

12. LIVE Crypto Pump And Dump Telegram Groups Exposed

Via: Shaheer Ansari

13. John McAfee Facing Prison For Crypto Pump & Dumps

Via: Coffeezilla

14. Former Fake Guru Promotes Pump & Dump

Via: Spencer Cornelia

15. FaZe Banks Accused of Crypto Pump and Dump

Via: Esports Talk

16. ‘Fake Bitcoin’ – How This Woman Scammed The World, Then Vanished

Via: ColdFusion

17. Top 5 Crypto Scams In 2022

Via: Red Collar

18. Pump & Dump Crypto Scam WARNING – Jessica Cavalieri Crypto Scam

Via: South Husky

19. $1 Billion International Pump And Dump Scheme Uncovered By SEC

Via: Wall Street Millenial

20. Life Savings LOST On Squid Game Crypto Scam

Via: Wall Street Millenial

21. Pump & Dump Crypto Scam WARNING – Theodore Wellington Crypto Scam

Via: South Husky

22. Flux Crypto Token’s Zelcore Wallet Pump And Dump Scam?

Via: IdleTools by GunMuse

23. Crypto Signals Pump Scam In Telegram

Via: Investhelp

24. Exposing Ellio Trades For Pumping And Dumping Coins On Newbies

Via: Crypto Truth Angel

25. The Kale Show SCAM! Crypto SCAMMER

Via: Crypto Jedi

26. PUMP & DUMP NEBL in 2min 

Via: Crypto

27. Is Quantumscape A Pump-And-Dump Scam?


28. Pump & Dump: Pump And Boom Scam?

Via: Motivate Yourself

29. Major Crypto Influencers Pump and Dump Exposed

Via: Blockchain Daily

30. Litecoin Walmart Pump And Dump Scam Illustrates Need for Caution When Investing in Cryptocurrency

Via: Nobody Special Finance

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