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Now you can be rewarded for leading a healthy life, not just in more energy and fitness but also in crypto tokens!

Move-to-Earn is an expanded version of Play-to-Earn that blends GameFi, SocialFi and NFT and incentivises activity and exercise.

The term covers a range of products and services which let users earn crypto from being active, either in their usual exercise or by taking part in specific fitness challenges.

It uses motion sensor technology to create games that promote physical activity and healthier living.

Incentivising fitness like this will encourage people to exercise, reduce their risk of illness and increase their longevity. As the world awakens to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and social life to maintain physical and mental health, enter M2e, a healthier way of life for gamers who traditionally have spent hours inside playing and being sedentary.

Gamification of exercise started with the Nintendo Wii in 2006, which made millions of people start to see that exercise could be fun, making them want to do it more. And now you can benefit financially from your normal daily activities!

Move To earn games combine fitness tracker apps and technology with rewards in the form of cryptocurrency tokens and NFT collectibles. Sports-themed items, trainers and other perks can be unlocked within the games and exchanged for real-world value. The potential to upgrade and repair the NFT or earn badges will keep the economy turning. Games like STEPN also have a dual economic model, combining staking and an inflationary token that can buy upgrades.

How to Choose the Best Move-to-Earn Crypto

i)                    Accuracy

You can record your movement with various wearables and technology, and you must make sure that it records accurately.

ii)                  Simplicity of Signing Up

Many of these games have eliminated complex KYC checks and difficult wallet management, making them more appealing and accessible to a wide range of users

iii)  Usability

The best FitnessFi apps are intuitive and designed to be user-friendly, making it easy not only to sign up but to get started with your fitness journey, challenges, competitions, games and more.

iv)                 Crypto Tokenomics

How you earn crypto rewards. You want to make sure your efforts are properly rewarded.

v)                  Social Features

Most crypto earning apps have at least a few social features like user interaction, customisable profiles, newsfeeds to encourage engagement and activity, and push notifications.


1.      STEPN (GMT, GST)

Image via Stepn

Solana-based game STEPN was the first to use the term M2E in September 2021.

Essential Info

Chain:               Solana

Founded:         2021

Buy, sell, trade:            Binance, Huobi, Bybit. Coinbase Exchange, Gate.io, Raydium, MEXC, Orca, BitMart, CoinEx.

Wallet:                            built-in decentralised wallet with a swap function

How To Play

 First, buy, mint or rent a pair of NFT sneakers: download the app, connect your wallet and transfer SOL to buy your sneaker.

Next, move! You can walk, jog or run outdoors, depending on which sneaker you buy.

The app uses your phone’s GPS to track your movements, and you are rewarded for that, plus your in-game activities, with in-app tokens which can be traded for USDC or SOL or used to upgrade or repair your sneaker, mint new ones and progress through the game.


GMT (Green Metaverse Token)

STEPN’s governance token is GMT which you earn by jogging and engaging in in-game activities, or through public and private sales, and it distributes game profits and high-level premium gaming activities. Once your Sneaker level reaches 30 you can swap it for USDC if you have at least 3 energies. GMT tokens require energy, and that is calculated through your steps. 1 energy = 5 minutes of movement. Energy can only be replenished by buying an NFT sneaker. Limited supply of 6 million. Can only be earned when you reach a certain level. It allows you to vote on proposals initiated by the STEPN DAO.

GST (Green Satoshi Token)

This unlimited in-game utility token is earned through in-game actions like running and requires no financial investment, and is used to buy goods within the app. It allows you to repair, unlock gems, reset and level up your sneakers or mint your own sneakers. Can be swapped for USDC.

Earning: trade or stake your in-game tokens

Game Features

NFT Sneakers

Image via Stepn

These are virtual collectible assets which you use to earn GST or GMT. There are four types of shoes – choose the one that fits with your activity or fitness level:

  • Walker – 1-6 km/h
  • Jogger – 4-10 km/h
  • Runner – 8-20 km/h
  • Trainer – 1-20 km/h

They are mintable and can be sold on the NFT open markets.

The price depends on the NFT’s:

  • Efficiency – to make the most of your exercise time to earn the most GST tokens
  • Luck – earn access to mystery loot boxes at the end of a run or walk
  • Comfort – increases GMT earnings
  • Resilience – lowers the cost of repairing your sneakers

Other elements like design, quality, stats, rarity, grade and potential profit are also important.

Each pair of sneakers has limitations, such as the time allowed to spend walking or jogging. The most basic pair allows you to earn tokens for 10 minutes every 24 hours. 

In addition, they suffer from wear and tear just like your real-world sneakers do and need to be repaired which means less efficiency and lower daily profits. The higher level the sneaker, the higher the cost of repair, but the higher the potential earnings too.

Image via StepnNFT Sneaker for STEPN

Sockets and Gems

The purpose of gems is to improve your NFT sneaker’s attributes. There are 4 gem types and 4 sockets in which to fit them, which will only unlock at certain levels. The gem types are:

  • Yellow for efficiency
  • Blue for luck
  • Red for comfort
  • And purple for resilience.

Shoe Minting

You can use 2 of your owned Sneakers to breed a shoebox, with the price to mint a new shoebox depending on its quality.


Badges are earned by completing a task; the harder the task the better the reward. These badges can be traded on the NFT marketplace.


The energy system determines how long you can use your NFTs for each day and how much you can earn.

The Energy available to you is based on the quality of your sneaker and your movement time. You start with one sneaker and 2 energy caps so you can use the app and generate GST tokens for 10 minutes in 24 hours.

When you run out of Energy, you’ll have to wait for it to recharge before you can move to earn again. You can replenish 25% of your energy every 6 hours. You can drastically increase your M2E time by acquiring more bonus energy levels through collecting more, or rarer, sneakers.

Although having more time gives you a better chance at making more money, you should still consider various other parameters like speed, type of sneaker, gems, sockets and NFT badges to maximize your earning potential.


The price of even a basic NFT sneaker is out of range for many users which was a huge barrier to entry. But now there is the option to rent a sneaker

The owner who rents their sneaker benefits from passive income.

The renter benefits by being able to start earning straight away with a low initial cost.

Game Modes

  1. Solo: 1 energy bar = 5 minutes of activity; energy only replenishes after you own an NFT sneaker. You can also acquire mystery loot boxes along the way. GST or GMT are paid out by the minute, based on the sneaker’s type, efficiency, comfort and speed.
    1. Marathon: weekly 2.5km – 7.5km runs; monthly 15km runs.
    1. Background: when the app is not actively used, it will continue counting steps using your tech’s health data app, to at least 3000 steps every day. These are fixed earnings and won’t be added to your daily Cap of GST.

Special Features

  • Partnership with ASICS to create in-game sneakers.
  • Anti-cheating mechanics – tracking system (GPS), motion sensors, health data of your mobile and machine learning
  • Carbon Offsetting. STEPN wants to fight climate change and plan to use profits from trading fees and taxes to buy carbon removal credit.
  • Burn Mechanism – limits the number of available GMT and GST tokens in circulation
Image via Stepn


Twitter: @stepnofficial          Followers May 2022: 517K

Telegram: https://t.me/STEPNofficial

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/stepn

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/StepN/

2.      GENOPETS

Genopets is a M2e NFT mobile RPG that rewards you with cryptocurrency for staying active in your real-world life. It’s an alternate reality, massive multiplayer online game that gamifies physical, mental, and emotional health with financial and social rewards and it encourages healthy living through exercising with financial and social rewards through the non-fungible tokens. 

It’s a blend of the nurturing style of Tamegotchi, the training and battling of Pokemon and the fitness and social aspects of Strava.

Essential Info:             Chain: Solana

Founded: 2021

Buy, sell, trade: Bybit

Wallet: Phantom; Ledger

The aim of this RPG is to create a powerful Genopet and win battles. The more powerful your Genopet, the more valuable and tradeable it is.

Image via Genopets

A Genopet is an NFT ‘spirit animal’, encoded with your fitness data and customised to your liking. The more you evolve through getting fitter, the more your Genopet evolves by becoming more powerful. Then you can make it more powerful through your physical walking. The more you walk, the more powerful your Genopet becomes.

Your Genopet is hatched as an infant, and you’ll be rewarded for completing your daily activities  as it increases in value, being moulded through nurture and battle and improving its typ, battle performance and aesthetics.

As you progress in the game, you can craft and refine your NFT crystals, earn staking power and tokens, take part in fitness challenges and earn achievements.



GENE is a fungible governance and staking token representing ownership in the Genoverse. It’s used in-game to craft and refine Crystal NFTs, and token holders can vote on the future of gameplay and stake their $GENE tokens to earn rewards.


‍$KI token is a fungible in-game reward token that you earn when you purchase a Habitat. It can be used in the game to buy items, accelerate Genopet evolution, alchemize crystals, create Habitats, and battle other players. 

Free to start playing– your first Genopet is free, and all your real-world exercise and in-game interactions are rewarded with XP points and the evolution of your Genopet.

Earning : Sell your Genopets NFTs in the open marketplace, or lease your Habitat to other players. Staking??? The more evolved and customised your Genopet, the more rare and valuable it is.


Free to Play

There are no upfront entry costs to begin playing the game. You can mint your first Genopet NFT for free and begin earning XP points based on your physical activity. These XP points can be used to upgrade your Genopet NFT, and once it reaches a certain level it can be sold on the marketplace. You can also use the points to evolve your Genopet’s Habitat.

There are limited rewards in this mode, but you can buy additional assets and NFTs to progress faster and increase your rewards.

Free To Play Features:

  • Nurture: Hatch a unique Genopet NFT  based on personality and connect it to your step counter to begin playing
  • Evolve: Earn XP by participating in daily step challenges that level up the Genopet and customize its appearance. 
  • Battle: Access the Battle Arena and compete against other Free-to-Play players in competitive, strategic mini-games to earn more XP and climb the leaderboard
  • Trade: Sell upgraded Genopet NFTs on the marketplace


You can also start playing the game by buying Habitats and other NFTs to accelerate their progress. In this mode you will get greater benefits and access to Genopet’s token system and a faster-earning mechanism. 

Pay To Play Features:

  • Purchase a Habitat from the Genopets marketplace or from other users to begin consistently earning $KI + XP
  • Stake $GENE to boost the daily $KI cap and speed up your daily accumulation of $KI and XP
  • Generate and mix  Refined Crystals to evolve your Genopet NFT 
  • Rent your Habitats to other players and earn rewards
  • Sell your Habitats

Single Player

You can earn new Genopets or buy them from the marketplace.


Challenge other players to win and earn more.


Habitats: Your Genopet lives in a Habitat, which can be bought or created using Crystals, $K1 or $GENE.‍‍ It must be maintained using crystals or it will fall into ruin and stop producing $K1.One Habitat accommodates one Genopet. Habitats are 3D landscape NFTs that serve as the in-game home to your Genopet. They allow you to earn $KI token and come in the form of five elements: fire, wood, earth, metal and water. There are three different levels and the higher the level the more crystals it produces to upgrade your Genopet.

Refined Crystals: These NFTs are crafted using $GENE and $K1. They unlock various attributes and skills for your Genopet’s evolution, increasing its rarity and value.

XP Points:Earn XP points through your daily steps. They increase as your progress through the game, and can be used to upgrade your Genopet.

Battle arena: challenge other players and win wagered items.




Twitter:   @genopets          Followers May 2022: 165K

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/genopets/

3.      BIKEN


Essential Info:

Chain: Binance Smart Chain


Buy, sell, trade:


Biken encourages cyclists to get on their bikes in the real world to earn money. Link your bike to the game and your NFT bike with a Web3.0 app interface so that Biken can detect your movement whenever you hop onto the saddle.

Tokenomics:  $BIKEN

Earning: You can stake your NFT to get Energy Drink; the rarer the NFT, the higher chance to get rarer Energy Drinks. This solves the problem of inflation as the Energy Drinks are minted instead of tokens for their staking features, making the $BIKEN price stable over time.

Imag via Biken

Biken has not yet launched and is planning a $BIKEN INO private sale, the like of which has not been seen before.  A mystery box will be offered instead of a token with different prices for different levels of boxes. The higher value the box, the higher the rewards and the rarer the NFT.

Website: https://biken.app

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BikenApp

Medium: https://medium.com/@bikenapp

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/BikenANNs

4.      DUSTLAND

Dustland combines Move2Earn features with a fantastic narrative, linking it with more traditional RPG games. It’s set in an era where the Earth is dying, and to save it you need to perform missions by running, for which you are rewarded.

Jog, sprint, dash to move the narrative on and as you progress through the game you can collect items and resources to upgrade your character and access more difficult missions with greater prizes.

Image via Dustland

Essential info:

Chain:                Blockchain


Buy, sell, trade: : Uniswap; PancakeSwap; Gateio; MEXC; OKX; SushiSwap;  ApeSwap; AAX


It’s 2272 and the Earth is dying, having been struck by a solar flare that destroyed pretty much everything the Dustlands – a motley crew of a few survivors, pirates, ghost towns and 7 settlements with few resources. To survive, thrive and save the planet, you need to run!

The world’s first M2e audio fitness blockchain game.

Run: Workout physically and get rewards. The more quests you complete, the more rewards you get.

You are rewarded for distance, not speed and you can start playing for free.


Token:  DOSE. This is the currency of not only Dustland but of the entire OliveX (BVI) gamified fitness ecosystem, including Dustland Runner, Dustland Rider and 22 Pushups.  It stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin, the feel-good hormones you get from a real-world workout, and you can use these tokens in-game for purchases, utility and action.

Rewards can be used in-game or be traded on crypto exchanges and NFT marketplaces.


Sweatcoin encourages its users to get their daily step count in by rewarding their movement with SWEAT, a new-generation currency that users can spend any way they want, whilst contributing to society as well.

Essential info:

Chain: NEAR

Founded: 2015

Buy, sell, trade:  in-app

Wallet: in-app

This free app is supported through partnerships with various health-conscious brands, insurers and governments, and is designed to promote healthier lifestyle choices.

You can donate your earned SWEAT to charity, spend it on NFTs or products or use it to access local services, such as yoga classes.

Image via Sweatcoin

You don’t need to run but just cover 1000 steps which will get you 1 Sweatcoin.


Token: SWEAT

Free to start playing. The first level of Sweatcoin known as the Mover allows you free movement. For every 1000 steps, you are paid around 0.95 sweat or SWC token, so you are minting crypto just by walking!

Further levels are called Shaker, Quaker, Breaker and Troublemaker,

Sweatcoin converts physical steps to Sweats Tokens which can be redeemed for goods and services from around 600 partner brands, eg. Reebok. It can also be used for charity donations via Sweatcoin For Good.

allocating Sweatcoin wallets to the user. These wallets would have multiple DeFi functions such as crypto swap onto other currencies, liquidity provisions, and staking also!


Sweat Economy takes SweatCoin a few steps further.e

Essential Info:

Chain: NEAR

Founded: 2021

Buy, sell, trade:  in-app

Wallet: in-app

Special Features

Powered by SWEAT: SWEAT is minted by verified steps.

Open: Anyone can join this economy.

Global: To create a healthier, wealthier planet, the economy needs to be borderless. There are a few areas restricted for legal reasons at this time, but Sweat Economy is fundamentally borderless. The Sweatcoin App is currently the only way to mint SWEAT, but the app is expanding globally. In time, the Sweatcoin App will be one fragment of Sweat Economy. Minting SWEAT will not be dependent on countries where the Sweatcoin App is available, giving way to truly global potential.

Decentralised: There is no central entity determining the rules of the new economy.  SWEAT holders will vote on important economy decisions via the Sweat DAO.




T: @Sweateconomy  Followers May 2022: 111K

7.      CALO APP

This Move To Run game has 2 modes:

  1. Single – use NFT sneakers and move for at least 5 minutes to earn Stamina which allows you to earn FIT tokens.
    1. Challenge – weekly and monthly challenges. Once you have 2 Sneakers, you can mint a new one or a Shoebox.


Twitter: @AppCalo                  Followers May 2022: 136K

Telegram: https://t.me/caloappchannel

8.      STEP APP

Feature: Unique Step Protocol software development kit usable by third parties so a whole gamified metaverse ecosystem can be created where users can exercise, socialise and earn.

Dual token system:

FITFI – governance token; benefit from ecosystem fees, used mainly for token buybacks, discounts and staking

KCAL – in-game tokens; used to mint SNEAK NFTs so users can earn more KCAL by staking their SNEAK NFTs and running


Twitter: @Stepapp_                 Followers May 2022: 167K

Telegram: https://t.me/stepappchat

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/step

9.      WALKEN

NFT game Walken connects healthy lifestyle, games and crypto, and aims to allow people to make a living by playing a game while maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the same time. It connects real-life sports activities with online gaming and the ability to earn crypto.


Token: WLKN – used in-game; can be bought in a crypto exchange or earned in-game

How to Play:

Use motion-sensor tech (phone or wearable device) to track your steps, then convert them into Gems for use in the game. 1000 steps = 1 in-game Gem.

Walk more to enter battles with your CATthletes. You can earn gems by walking, and then use these to upgrade thee speed, strength and stamina of your NFT characters so you have a better chance of winning the battles.

You can win Walken tokens by beating a random competitor; you can win battles by having the best outfit or the most upgraded CAThlete NFT character.

Platform: Solana

Buy, sell, trade: Marketplace to buy or sell your CAThlete NFTs or other items.

Image via Walken


Twitter: @walken_io               Followers at May 2022: 79K

Telegram: https://t.me/walken_channel

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/QJDnFt6S4J


Prviously called Dragon Evolution, FITevo looks set to be a major player in the M2e market. Featuring characters and dragons, what’s not to like?

How to Play

Hatch your own dragon by moving, then evolve it by battling other players or the environment.

The more you move, the sooner your dragon will hatch. After hatching several dragons in this way, you can then move-to-breed and feed your dragons good nutrition to make sure they grow up strong.

As your dragon evolves, you can upgrade its traits so that future dragons it breeds will also have more desirable traits.

All in-game assets can be traded on NFT marketplace. 

You evolve with your dragon; your real-world movement helps your dragon to evolve, creating a close relationship between you. So as you get fitter, your dragon(s) grows, a great incentive for you to keep moving.


Token: FITevo

Earning: The more you move, the more you earn, and the more your dragon evolves. You can also earn through referrals, interacting with other players, completing missions and contributing to the community.

Special Features:

Multiplayer mode – so you can exercise with your friends, using the Spirit Signal feature. Socialisation, peer pressure and friendly competition are important to fitness lovers, and in this app you can co-evolve with their dragons and their friends.

Token-burning mechanism – to manage supply


Twitter: @FitEvoNFT             Followers May 2022: 44K

Telegram: //t.me/FitEvo

Discord: n/a

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FitEvoNFT


Yeticoin is esigned to help keep kids active, learning and socializing.

Essential info: Chain: Ethereum

Founded: 2020

Buy, sell, trade: Uniswap, DojoSwap, LBank, Hotbit             

Wallet: MetaMask, Ledger, coinbase, IMtoken, TokenPocket, FreeWallet, AssureWallet, HyperPay

Image via Yeti

YetiCoin focuses on young people and aims to bridge together a love of sports and fitness with a passion for crypto while helping today’s youth become more active and social.  We believe in establishing and promoting healthy lifestyles, connecting with underserved communities, and creating the strongest crypto community through our core values. The M2e app will be ready soon.


Treasury Wallet:  5% of income goes towards marketing, development, partnerships, buybacks and burns.

Redistribution: 1% of all transactions will be redistributed to holders.

Special Features:

Max wallet: As an anti-dump mechanism and to prevent whales manipulating the price significantly, all wallets are capped at 2.5%.

NFTs: These are called Yeti Gym Bruhs!

2022 will see many new features including a fitness ambassador program, fitness challenges where you can earn NFTs, partnerships with professional athletes and sports supplement suppliers, donations to youth sports activities and youth sports camps.


Twitter: @yeticoineth              Followers May 2022: 9K

Telegram: https://t.me/yeticoineth

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/PzfCQThNmW

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/YetiCoinETH/

12. CYCL:R

Image via Cyclr

Cycl:R defines itself as “a high-end avatar/object oriented project, 8,088 unique procedural Bike & PFP looking for a ride”. It’s a global community of cyclist of all ages, genders and abilities.

Essential info:                Chain: Cardano

                                             Founded: 2022

                                             Buy, sell, trade:


The Cycl:r metaverse allows you to connect, earn and express your love of cycling! Your Cycl:R bike connects all your cycling activity to a global community and rewards you for your efforts.

The Cycl:R community brings together all the otherwise fragmented communities of Strava, Peloton, Zwift and RGT, allowing cyclists everywhere to support and motivate each other.


$Power: This coin is earned on the time x distance and NFT stats of your ride. This in-game currency is usd for upgrading, repairing and purchasing in-game items.

$Cyclr: This on-chain currency is used to mint new NFT bikes and drive governance for the Cycl:R ecosystem. This will include a treasury for NGO bike donations, park clean ups and more. It can be swapped with $power at an exchange rate of 1000 $power = 1 $Cyclr.

NFTs: You can buy lots of different NFT bike parts to build or customise your NFT road or mountain bike, including handlebars, wheels, frames, seats, and forks. You can add accessories including water bottles, helmets, air pumps, gel snacks, shoes, hats and chain oil, to bikes or riders to increase earn rates and get speed boosts and other upgrades.

You can also buy a rider for more $Power to start earning $Cylcr. Attributes include head, outfit, facial expression, tattoos and pins, and these determine your rider’s strength, stamina and speed.


Twitter: @CyclerNFT              Followers May 2022: 6K

Telegram: n/a

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/qwMm7APv7z

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/CyclRNft/

13.        5 KM TODAY

Image via 5KM

With a healthy interest in the environment, 5km aims to create a decentralised sports community which encourages you to love exercise and a healthy lifestyle, move to earn and take practical action for climate change too.

Essential info:              Chain: Binance Smart Chain

                                           Founded: 2014 (as 10km)

                                           Buy, sell, trade: Uniswap

                                           Wallet: MetaMask


  1. Solo mode

Keep hold of your sneakers NFT by walking or running; the default minimum mileage is 500m, the maximum is 10km, but these can be changed as you uplevel your sneakers.

  • Event mode

The 5KM community will hold online running events, eg. marathon, 5.20, urban plogging. You will pay a deposit which is refunded when you successfully complete the event. And the winner of the event will win the deposit fees from those who don’t take part! Different rewards are set for different activities provide different rewards and have different requirements, eg. a specific type of running shoe NFT, running shoe mileage, account mileage or account balance.

  • Background mode

When the app is not actively used, it will continue counting steps using your tech’s health data app, to a maximum of 3000 steps every day. These don’t affect your normal income limit.

  • experience Mode

especially for new users, this mode doesn’t require NFT sneakers. Just start running and you will randomly receive KMT tokens.

5KM Sneaker NFTs are classified in 4 categories: walker (1-6 km/h), jogger (4-10 km/h), runner (8-20 km/h) and trainer (1-20 km/h), with different levels of reward. They may becommon, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary, and you get higher rewards the rarer they are. The level of your Sneak depends on its rarity, running mileage, activities and tasks completed. As you level up, you can access airdrops, mint new shoes, receive badges and lend your sneakers. You can use KMTs or RUNs to improve attributes or repair your sneakers. The cost of repair is related to the level of sneakers. The higher the level, the more expensive the repair.



1. Sneakers NFT: mainly obtained by minting and incubation; can be used to quickly upgrade your sneakers

2. Incentive token KMT: no upper limit, users can obtain it in 4 sports modes, mainly used for your sneaker NFT’s repair, upgrade, incubation and participation in specific activities

3. Governance token RUN: The total maximum amount is 7 billion.

Earnings: Rent your sneakers out and share 70% of the rewards.

Payback: the payback time of 5km is much faster than that of STEPN.

Website: https:/Ǜkm.today/

Discord: https://discord.gg/k8MFnRaZ

Twitter: @5kmtoday             Followers May 2022: 34K

14.        METABIKE

This ride-to-earn game for cyclists allows you to play alone or with others, with a range of games to choose from based on your abilities, needs and preferences.

Essential info:              Chain: BSC; Avalanche


                                           Buy, sell, trade:



Token:              MBIKE

NFTs:                You use a decentralised rewards system to buy your own NFTs to use in competitions and PvP games.

Earning:            Rent out your NFTs for extra income.


  1. Solo
  2. Against others, wagering MBIKE tokens that the winner keeps


Twitter:            @metaBikeRace         Followers May 2022: 1.6K

Discord:           n/a

Telegram:        //t.me/metabikecomm

Reddit:              n/a

15.        DOTMOOVS

A Move2earn app with social-fi and metaverse sports games, this M2e game is a bit different in that it encourages competition! This means you’re even more motivated to stay active and maintain that healthy lifestyle, and you can play against anyone in the world, either someone you know or a random opponent chosen for you by the matchmaking platform.

Essential info:              Chain: Binance Smart Chain; ChainLink

Launched: June 2021

Buy, sell, trade: Pancake Swap, Gate.io, Uniswap

Wallet: Metamask; Coinbase Wallet

Using your smartphone camera you can record videos and battle each othe in freestyle football performances, and AI is used by an unbiased digital referee who scores your performance by detecting your and the ball’s movement.

A new dance version is being launched soon.


Token: MOOV – won by beating your competitors, you can use them in-game and spend them in the dotmoovs’ NFT marketplace on items such as rare soccer balls and IoT wearables.

Discord: discord.com/invite/dotmoovs


Twitter: @dotmoovs               Followers May 2022: 53K

Telegram: https://t.me/dotmoovs

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dotmoovs/

16.        LYMPO

Lympo is a sports NFT ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs; it will also include custom sports characters created by various artists and sports influencers.

Essential  info:             Chain: Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart  Chain

                                           Founded: 2016

                                           Buy, sell, trade: Huobi Global, KuCoin, Gate.io, Pionex, Bitfinex

                                           Wallet: Coinomi, Lumi                                       

For users, it is a sports and wellness platform which motivates you to take part in fitness activities by rewarding you with tokens for various achievements, eg. running 4 miles or going to the gym 6 times in 2 weeks.

In-game tokens can be used to buy sporting goods by top global brands. This makes Lympo the first-ever online shop to accept fitness tokens as payment.


LMT: Until now the only currency has been LMT

SPORT:  a new token which replaces LMT to make the Lympo ecosystem more secure and protect the interests of all token holders. It will replace the functionality of LMT, and be the main currency for the Lympo ecosystem. All SPORT holders will be able to take part in NFT mining pools and staking events for additional rewards.

Lympo is perfect for sports fans as it brings real-world sports to the NFT gaming market.

Earning:  You can stake your SPORT in a pool of your choice – each pool is dedicated to a specific collection of NFTs and you can engage in as many as you want. You’ll receive credits which you can spend on NFTs.

You can also earn tokens by completing in-app fitness challenges which can be exchanged for wellness, fitness and wellness products and services, or to buy further tokens or NFTs.


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17.        WIRTUAL

Wirtual describes itself as a new, affordable and easily accessible way to mine for currency. Workout, earn coins! As you exercise, your activity helps you to mine cryptocurrency – the app tracks your progress and rewards you with WIRTUAL tokens.

Running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, workouts

The beauty of Wirtual is that it can be used with pretty much any fitness wearable and technology, including Garmin, Strava, Apple Health, Google Fit and FitBit, and you can customise your in-game avatar with NFT wearables.


Speed; Distance; Competitions

NFTs: these will unlock special features to help you mine additional cryptocurrency. Updating character features can unlock special powers, privileges and limited edition clothes so you can create a unique character to sell at a profit.

Essential info:              Chain: Binance Smart Chain

                                           Founded: 2019

Wallet – internal

Buy, sell, trade: Pancakeswap, uphold, bybit, neexo????



Free to start – offers daily maximum of 0.1 WIRTUAL coins and 1 activity submission.

Coins will be sent directly into your wallet the day after you submit your results. You can then hold them as a digital asset, use them to unlock more features on the app, get discounts on sports gadgets and apparel, buy Avatar wearables to increase your ability to sweat mine, or sell them on a trading platform.

Unlock additional features by

  1. Holding more WIRTUAL coins in your internal wallet
    1. Purchasing Avatar wearables

Great to use at large-scale real-world events.

Buy NFTs in the shop: https://verse.wirtual.co/login


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Twitter: @wirtualapp             Followers May 2022: 41k

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ubxHPr65Jm

Telegram: https://t.me/wirtual_community


A global community M2e project, this is a digital fitness marketplace, DEFIT combines sports, fitness and the blockchain and rewards you for living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Essential info:              Chain: Ethereum, Polygon

                                           Sell, trade, buy: Uniswap, probit, quickswap, mexc global

Wallet: MetaMask

DEFIT is working with a brilliant and talented French Artist who has collaborated with brands like Dior, Valentino, L’Oréal, Lindt, PSG & Coca-Cola to create beautiful NFTs.

A great alternative to gym membership! Access your classes, trainers and data in real time for seamless client-to-coach interaction.


Token: DEFIT

Earn: you can earn tokens through in-app challenges and by your real-world movement. Different sports earn different amounts.

Free to play initially.

Telegram: https://t.me/defittoken

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/2mquhWyYFE

@defitoken     Twitter followers May 2022 37K


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19.        AIRCOINS

Aircoins is a fun, interactive M2e crypto treasure hunt game that uses augmented reality (AR) to reward you for getting fit and leading an active lifestyle.

Collect AR digital assets based on geolocation, globally and locally. Get rewarded using a proof of effort algorithm.

Token: AIRX

Earn by collecting over 50 different AR partner coins, digital assets and collectibles and access retail incentives like coupons and promotions.


T: @aircoins_app         Followers May 2022: 39K

Discord: n/a

Telegram: //t.me/aircoins

Reddit: //www.reddit.com/r/Aircoins/

20.        DINOSTEP

Launched in May 2022, Dinostep is a comparatively new entrant to the M2e market. It is the first  Move To Earn app featuring virtual dinosaurs!

You can earn while building healthy habits with your Dino.

Earning: Staking, breeding, renting, referral

Game Modes

Background Feeding



Team Up.

NFTs: Egg, dinosaur, water bottle, smart watch, running shoe.

Links: https://www.reddit.com/r/dinostep/


Telegram: https://t.me/dinostepapp

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/fa2j2zkwRs

Twitter: @dinostepapp          Followers May 2022: 15K


Move To earn represents a new dawn for the fitness industry, paying people for

moving, walking, running, dancing, cycling and exercising and providing many benefits of a virtual health club.

Aiming to promote healthy, social lifestyles, the games are fun and enjoyable and giving you the opportunity to earn the app’s native currency by completing your fitness tasks. Earned tokens can be traded for goods or services within the app or on an external marketplace or exchange.

So this really is a win win – upgrade your health and fitness and earn from it too!

It’s time to get moving!