Who Is Sea Scorpion Rypterus? Meet The Illuvials | Illuvium 2022

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Illuvials are key to your survival in Illuvium. Without them you can’t complete your quest and are unlikely to survive in this hostile world.

There are over 100 altogether, roaming the vast panoramic lands, and they range in power, might and terror from Stage 1 Cubs to Stage 3 Deities

It will be helpful for you to recognise an illuvial when you meet one, so in our new occasional series ‘Meet The Illuvials’ we’ll be taking a look at them individually. Get ready to meet your new enemies/besties!

Today we’ll look at someone from the Sea Scorpion line, Rypterus, previously known as Rypper (via Medium).



Like a looking-glass set into emerald-hued grasslands, the surface of the landlocked sea sparkles with perfect clarity. In this enormous body of water within the brightland, aquatic creatures dwell. This tranquil lake region, however, hosts some of the most hostile sea monsters. Known among the most aggressive of them is Rypterus, a stage 2 Illuviual. Even if a frenzied Rypterus moves with stealth, it is the opponent one never sees coming that poses a much graver threat than the one carving a path of destruction.


Rypterus, nearly imperceptible in the sea foliage thanks to its aquatic color palette of emerald shell body speckled with jade spots, is a gleaming green menace on land. Rypterus charges swiftly across the ground. Two rows of 4 arachnid legs rotate like pistons — all 8 legs alternate like a locomotive.

Rypterus keeps a low stance, hovering flat to the ground, but has a fairly large body and is three feet in height, and eight feet in length from fangs to the end of its spiked stinger. Rypterus doubles in size when, feeling threatened, it extends its segmented tail capped by a two foot-long barb that is surrounded with four spikes to inflict additional wounds.

It taunts by snapping its spiked claws menacingly. An agile predator, Rypterus easily follows its opponents every movement with its large, oval, tangerine-colored cycloptic eye. Its field of vision is superior to that of most, an unexpected advantage for a single-eyed creature — extending 130 degrees laterally and 180 degrees up-and-down.

Rypterus is built for combat with its rapid, undulating scurry across the battlefield, snapping claws, and perilously looming stinger held constantly aloft and ready to harpoon.

Affinity / Class

Poison Fighter

Basic Attack

Rypterus uses one of its enormous claws to keep its prey still. It’s very hard to dodge this attack and when it lands, it’s painful. Often, smaller prey simply get crushed by the powerful vice grip of the claw alone.

Critical Attack

Rypterus grabs its enemies using both claws at the same time. It quickly applies increasing pressure to squeeze its opponent into painful submission. Once enclosed on an opponent, this grip is nearly unbreakable. Rypterus easily holds it without tiring due to the action being just as much a resting state for its claws — which it keeps closed — and also Rypterus’s endurance.

Ultimate Ability — Toxic Skewer

Rypterus grabs hold of the enemy and once it’s rendered motionless, Rypterus thrusts its stinger forward, causing severe injury as it pierces flesh to deliver powerful poison with its huge barb. Its poison is concentrated and strong, and courses through its body warmed, so the hot injection can leave the opponent motionless and in a state of shock even before the toxins take hold. The toxins have a fairly instant effect, however. Being impaled by the stinger even before Rypterus retracts it could be the last thing an enemy sees before it closes its eyes, succumbing to the poison.

Key Attributes

Attack Damage
Attack Speed

These Illuvials are only known to us thanks to rare glimpses of them before they vanish again into the alien landscape.