Trade the Crypto Revolution – It’s Bigger Than The Internet!

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We have a second chance to take advantage of an Internet sized opportunity. And there are some great opportunities to make money and succeed in what is still a fledgling sector.

How many cryptocurrencies are there and what are they worth?

According to market researches online, more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies are currently publicly traded. At the time of writing the total value of all cryptocurrencies is close to one trillion dollars.

How does blockchain work?

Blockchain connects millions of computers which store encrypted copies of records and monitor each other for security. There is no way to tamper with these records. In effect, a blockchain is, like the internet, a communication infrastructure.

Despite its volatile fluctuations, the future of the sector seems assured as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more and more widely accepted as methods of payment.

Many investors believe that cryptocurrencies represent the future of the financial industry and are now considering diversifying their portfolio into cryptocurrency.

But investing in a completely new field can be daunting, so this article aims to clarify the process and the similarities and differences with traditional financial trading. Although the mysterious world of cryptocurrency can seem challenging at first, it is actually fairly straightforward once you’ve learned the basics.

First Steps First: How To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

First steps first. Buying or selling cryptocurrencies is done through an exchange, in the same way you might exchange dollars for euros in a regular currency exchange.

There are hundreds of different cryptocurrency exchanges. And like regular currency exchanges, different crypto exchanges have varying exchange rates and levels of expertise and experience, so it’s essential to do your research to avoid choosing a disreputable one and losing your money to fraud or error.

One of the major differences between trading cryptocurrency and traditional investments is the cost. Whilst the cost of traditional investment has fallen to as little as 0.25% for a robot-advisor, the cost of trading a cryptocurrency can be over 5%, depending on the currencies involved and the exchange used. So transaction cost is one of the most important criteria to consider when choosing an exchange.

Another major difference is in the levels of client service. Whilst traditional brokers offer assistance, the crypto exchanges do not yet seem to offer this service, which means that you alone are responsible for securing your own cryto. But as the sector grows, these issues may well be addressed and improved.

How To Trade Like A Pro: Tools and Indicators

The tools that a trader chooses to use depend largely on the trader’s risk profile and preferred deal identification methods.

The first step for most traders is fundamental analysis which means basing their holdings on project-specific news. And this may be the only research some traders do, particularly in the traditional stock market.

But the cryptocurrency market requires a deeper analysis, so crypto traders tend to combine fundamental analysis with other tools and indicators to gain a more well-rounded perspective on the market and help them refine their strategies, pinpoint the best deals and increase the likelihood of making profitable trades.

There are two types of indicator:

  1. Technical Indicators

A technical indicator is the visual depiction of a mathematical formula of a security price and/or volume aimed at forecasting future price changes.

Technical charts of any digital asset would, in an ideal world, represent all the elements that could affect the price, such as conditions, news and attitudes.

The problem is that the sheer number of these price-affecting elements makes it difficult to keep track of them all as they can’t all be shown on one chart.

Traders therefore need multiple technical indicators to help them keep track of their preferred variables.

Decisions about how and when to open or close positions can be made on the basis of signals from the technical indicators.

Trading charts are composed of a range of mathematical variables, and the indicators are derived mostly from price and candlestick action, trade volumes, contract sizes and range.

  •  Trading Indicators.

Trading indicators can increase the profits of a trading strategy because it helps traders to predict asset prices more accurately.

A price indicator can be used for both long-term and short-term analysis.

Every type of investment industry has its own traits and therefore needs its own trading indicators. Indicators for securities, commodities or stocks will not be suitable to use for cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency industry therefore has its own unique trading indicators.

This article explores several of the best indicators and trainings to help you understand and get started on your investment journey, whether that be in traditional financial trading (Forex) or cryptocurrency.

Trend Indicator MT4

Simplify your technical analysis for better results

Custom MT4 Indicators For MetaTrader 4

Technical analysis and identifying and following trending markets is a real challenge for most traders and as we saw above, professional indicators can hlp with this and improv signal accuracy, and have a huge impact on your trading success.

Meta Trader 4 is a free Forex trading platform which offers wide technical analysis options and a flexible trading system with algorithmic and mobile options. It provides an easy-to-follow overview of price fluctuations, smoothing out the price action and helping to eliminate market noise.

However, th indicators includd in MetaTrader 4 may not be enough, and this is whr custom indicators com in, improving accuracy of markt signals for any type of analysis and strateeegy.

The MT4 Trend Indicator is a quick and easy to use indicator which helps traders overcome the confusion they face when they want to provide a wide range of products but are limited in their selections due to the overpopulation of the Forex platform.

It analyses the direction of the 8 main currency pairs: GBP, EUR, AUD, CHF, NZD, JPY, and USD. This is done in real-time, and when a signal is created, a sound and message notice will be generated. The indicator assesses the intensity of a signal for 28 currency pairings and provides a grade of -6 to 6 based on whether the trend is bullish or bearish.

The colour-coded display shows the essential price and candle information, giving you immediate insights into trend position and candle direction on upper time frames, so there’s no need to track this on separate charts.

This all helps the trader to make the right trading choices.

The trend viper provides a smooth platform to track important trades.

It also helps solve the problem of having to constantly monitor the screen. When trading patterns change it transmits signals and analysd cautions to the trader’s phone or mobile device. Trend Viper indicator generates free UP/DOWN arrows and signals to alert you of opportunities, and once the indicator is installed and running, it sends free trading alerts continuously without any subscription fees.

Trend Viper is a no-repaint Trend Indicator used in technical analysis of any Forex pairs, securities or cryptocurrencies in your MetaTrader 4 terminal. Its aim is to detect trending markets and signal possible trend reversals. The TrendViper indicator is fully customisable and can be adapted to any strategy.

The Indicator is added to your MetaTrader4 charts and will analyse the market data in real time and detect and highlight the prevailing trend, generating free Up and Down signals on each trend change that it detects.

Some users find the default MT4 chart templates confusing and too raw. TrendViper’s charts are much more informative, visually appealing and easy to understand.

What you will get:

  • Trend Indicator (v. 3.0)
  • TrendViper MACD Histogram
  • TrendViper MT4 templates
  • Installation instructions
  • e-Book – Using Moving Averages
  • Full licence for 2 MT4 accounts
  • 30-day Purchase guarantee
  • professionally programmed software which is easy to install and customise
  • an easy to follow trend detection system
  • quick insight into upper time frames
  • informative, clear visual display
  • free Up/Down signals
  • no repainting of signals
  • powerful filtering system
  • help to detect bigger trends
  • free upgrades and support
  • no subscription fees

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To summarize, forex trading is not as simple as it appears, and in order to become an effective trader, one must seek out the best Trend indicator mt4. Such indicators produce the best trading results and assist traders in increasing their chances of placing profitable trades while minimizing their losses

Crypto Ultimatum

Cryptocurrency trading techniques can be highly technical and often require a lot of time and effort to understand. Speeding up this learning time would be a huge win.

The Crypto Ultimatum is a cryptocurrency trading training system that teaches you how to trade efficiently and profitably with cryptocurrencies even if you’re a complete beginner.

Its clear, systematic and uncomplicated approach makes it easy for beginners to understand all the terminology, concepts and principles of crypto trading in a shorter time than it would take them on their own.

You will also learn how to reduce your risk of falling victim to a scam.

Navigating the crypto world becomes easier when you follow the recommendations provided in this program. Every aspect of crypto trading is explained in a systematic and basic manner, making it easier for newcomers to grasp the terminology and concepts involved in the process. Beginners will appreciate the insider information and suggestions, which will help them learn faster and execute more lucrative transactions more quickly.

In order to begin trading, you will need to deposit funds into your trading account once you have made the purchase.

What You Will Learn:

The 4 main cryptocurrency scams

How to achieve extra profit with cryptocurrencies

What other fields to invest in besides the cryptocurrency market?

Updated information about cryptocurrencies

How to profit from totally automated crypto trading robots.

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It is affordable and most people can afford it. You can also count on a money back guarantee which will give you a full refund.

Main Benefits:

  • This system allows you to start trading within 24 hours. The cryptocurrency market operates seven days a year, so it is possible to make money in a matter of hours. The members have the opportunity to learn from real experts who have made consistent profits in crypto over the past 5 years. Profits have increased significantly in the last year, as the market gains steam.
  • Each member receives all support so that everyone can benefit as soon as they sign up.
  • Crypto Ultimatum PDF is not required for any trading or technical knowledge.
  • As long as you have internet access, members can start from as low as USD$100.
  • The programme does not require any technical knowledge to understand.
  • It is reasonably priced. You can purchase the programme in this manner.
  • It doesn’t take much time, just 10 minutes per day.
  • The information is presented in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.
  • It includes additional bonus packages.
  • It is compatible with both MAC and PC systems.

Automation can help you generate income if used correctly. It can also be dangerous if it is not used correctly. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the Crypto Ultimatum trading platform, including one-on-one setups.

Because the course is structured, novice crypto investors don’t need any prior technical knowledge. The Over the Shoulder Series can be helpful for students to get off to the right start.

This will help you to develop a trading strategy. It also prepares for increasing your position size. Expert alerts are sent out on a regular basis and are often very powerful. Sometimes, this strategy is called “scalp trading”. This is just a basic method that beginners can use to show how short-term trading can work. Automating coin pairings can be done in many ways. This course will help you unlock many opportunities to make money by automating coin pairings.

Crypto Ultimatum is an educational program that shows beginners how to quickly make huge profits in crypto. The programme is easy to follow, even if you don’t have any technical skills. The unique methods of the program are beneficial to all market participants. You will have access to many topics to help you on your way to becoming a successful cryptocurrency trader once you sign up for the service. The programme will help you to reduce your difficulties and frustrations with cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and the use of any of these products does not guarantee financial success. Although financial trading can be a way to increase your wealth, it can also be a route to losing much of it, and so these products are not recommended for risk-averse investors.

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TradeOnix is a Forex trading course that will teach you how to make money in the foreign exchange market.

This market is the largest international commerce market in the world but it is highly competitive, with the perception that only experienced professionals can make money from it.

However, with the right knowledge, skills and tools, it’s possible for a total beginner to benefit from the market.

One such tool is TradeOnix which will teach you the information you need to be successful in the world of foreign exchange trading, including the trading indicators that we discussed earlier which help you to select a product, timing or trading strategy.

The system works with any pair of forex currencies.

The more knowledge you have, the better, more informed decision you’ll be able to make about your trades and the less likely you are to make losses.

What You Will Get

TradeOnix contains 9 main forex indicators that give buy or sell signals:

  • TRS indicator
  • Heatmap indicator
  • TBS indicator
  • TBM indicator
  • TB Cloud forex indicator
  • Switch indicator
  • TBL indicator
  • The Tetragram indicator
  • Arrow Panel indicator. The system comes with a user guide in PDF format. 

You will also have access to a members area, weekly live webinars and a 60-day money back guarantee

Generally, this program helps you study complex charts and predict results that have a high probability of winning. The product has indicators that indicate to you those trade you should take and those you should avoid. The system is easy to understand and all you need to do is just take a glance at the indicators and make your choice. The system will provide accurate and clear signals so that you know your entry and exit point for each trade. You are told by the system when there is profit to be made and the chances are high on the positive. With this program, you will get signals with high-profit potentials and waste no more time on false signals.

What You Will Get:

  • Instant access
  • Instant chart predictions
  • Easy to understand
  • Suitable for beginners
  • All the calculations are done for you
  • Bonus: Traders Accelerator Master Class
  • Bonus: Viper System
  • Bonus: The Science of Getting Rich
  • Bonus: Tradeonix Trading Plan
  • Bonus: Black Book of Secret Data

Successful Forex trading relies on market insight, decision, and choices. It is essential to pick the best technique and Tradeonix Pro provides simple, reliable tools to help you make decisions such as when to sell.

Forex is the world’s biggest liquid market, operating 24 hours a day 5 days a week and involving trillions of trades by business people, organizations, investors, and even governments.

Most forex traders are also interested in shares and commodities and are now looking at expanding their portfolios with cryptocurrency investments too.

And even amateur investors can get involved by looking to other people to advise them why the market is moving up or down, and by using technical indicators to evaluate how the price action is affected by trends, changes and forward and reversal patterns.

Tradenoix will teach you just these things and prepare you for forex trading. In a nutshell it’s a complete Forex trading system that checks specific indicators such as COG / MACD / StochasticRSI and creates detailed market summaries such as currency flow and average bar movement.  This information is based on statistical models and principles which govern trade.

it explains the factors, indicators, and tools that can help make the right decisions in forex trading.

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This product is a powerful mechanical system designed to help online traders make money trading. The system boasts a long-term win ratio of 83 percent. It also has extremely accurate indicators that can predict the future to help you trade profitably. This system is designed to ease the stress of learning charts and mastering the markets.

This program is designed to help you analyze complex charts and predict outcomes with high probability of success. You can use the indicators to help you decide which trades you should take and which ones to avoid. It is easy to understand and you only need to look at the indicators to make your decision. You will be able to see clear and accurate signals from the system, which will allow you to decide when to enter or exit any trade.

You will be notified when money is available and your odds of winning are high. This program will give you signals that have high profit potential. You won’t waste your time with false signals. Tradeonix Pro analyzes various indicators to help you decide when to sell or buy. Once it has provided a buy or sell recommendation, you can trade.

This gives you some control over the entire process. The system provides buy and sell suggestions, as well as an opportunity to learn about the intricate forex market.

Tradeonix Pro offers the most accurate trading indicators that will help you make the best trading decisions.

Tradeonix Pro is an intelligent, step-by-step guide for making smarter online trading decisions.

This course will cover everything you need about Tradeonix unique trading platform. This course will teach you the basics of technical analysis, and show you how to create charts and graphics that help you make better trading decisions. After you have mastered the basics, this course will show you how to create your own trading system

Tradeonix Pro also comes with two Tradeonix mini accounts, which you can use until your account grows. These accounts are small enough for you to get started but big enough to help you build your experience and confidence so you can expand your investment portfolio when you have the money. Start with Tradeonix Pro’s base package, and expand as you gain more knowledge and skills. The system will still give you the majority of the information that you need, even if you don’t have any indicators.

The package also includes manual indicators. These tools include moving averages, support levels and replacements, trend lines, envelope patterns, rectangle overlays, trend lines, envelope patterns, trend lines, and replacements. They are one of the most popular indicators and do a great job of explaining trends. They are used to determine the direction of the currency and its future.

The system is easy to use, even for beginners. For beginners, it is easy to follow buy and sell signals. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge in order to trade on the forex markets.

These indicators can be used as confirmation signals. These forex indicators make it easier to increase the accuracy of your trading system.

Tradeonix lets users trade on a demo account in order to gain confidence before they move on to real trading. The program encourages users to start at their lowest level and encourages them to steadily increase their success. The programme can be used in all timeframes (intraday and scalping), so the user can choose the one that suits them best. You can choose between trend-following and entry reversal. Because it is easier to use, the latter is preferred by beginners.

Tradeonix offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Get it here now!

Victory Crypto

It’s not easy to get started trading cryptocurrency. The market is highly volatile and you need a clear strategy as it’s very easy to lose your money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Bitcoin Victory offers users a simple and secure way to invest in Bitcoin and around 15 other cryptocurrencies. It is a membership site that uses a special bitcoin trading software which does not depend on whether the market is going up or down. It offers traders of all levels, from professionals to total beginners, the opportunity to make profits regardless of what is happening in the markets. It requires no technical skills and with a 60-day money back guarantee it’s suitable for everyone.

The cryptocurrency trading platform does not charge any fees when you use their system – only when you withdraw money back into your bank account.

The program will make your work easy by doing all the research work for you and will empower you with all the right strategies, analysis and information that you need to trade successfully.

It’s possible to trade with ease using this programme. The automated trades are made in a way that minimises losses, using Artificial Intelligence to make profitable trades at the right time.

The program also provides you with market updates as well as a great education in wealth-building skills and the cryptographic industry.

What You Will Get

Membership and software: To begin using this service, you must first register by filling out a form on the website. Following the completion of the registration process, the company will assign you a personal broker who will assist you with the account setup and verification process.

Crypto news and updates: As a cryptocurrency trader, it is critical that you have up-to-date information on what is going on in the market. This is an area where this programme will greatly assist you, as it will provide you with vital tips on trending tropics 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, you’ll have an easier time keeping up with everything that’s going on in this market.

A demo account: this feature allows you to practise trading before using your live or real money accounts. We recommend that beginners use this feature to get a sense of how the platform works and to learn about live trades. You will be able to see how profitable trades can be by converting your initial deposit into virtual coins and starting small in order not to lose too much if something goes wrong during an investment transaction.

Live trading with limit orders to protect your money: To begin, as a new trader, you should set trading limits before engaging in a live trade. This will either protect your investment or reduce the number of losses in your trades. These limits will be applied every trading day, and you can change them before the trade begins.

Video training to explain the cryptocurrency market

  • Done-For-You Research
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Easily contactable customer support on chat and phone 24/7
  • Withdrawals within 24 hours of the initial trade
  • A specialized broker, if required, to oversee your investment strategy
  • Daily automated trades
  • Reduced risk of loss (although cryptocurrency will always be inherently risky)
  • Regular alerts concerning relevant trade and news updates
  • Market and technical analyses to help you succeed
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Your success within this program depends largely on how Bitcoin performs – you’ll generate lower profits if the value of BTC goes down and higher profits if it goes up.

And, of course, this type of investment always carries some basic level of risk, so I recommend investing no more than the amount you are prepared to lose. Start with the minimum initial investment so you can get used to the platform with relatively low risk. And if you’re a complete beginner, use your disposable income rather than your savings. This market is highly volatile and your money may be at risk.

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There are numerous online payment platforms where you can easily make a deposit and begin trading, eg. Visa and MasterCard. The minimum deposit is $250 and the maximum $15,000.

After you’ve made your deposit, the portfolio generator will make some basic trades. And you can withdraw your funds at any time.

It also has access to a variety of other tools, including charts with historical prices for the various instruments available on the platform.

Managing the Crypto Market Risks:

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, with large fluctuations causing system instability. As a result, the developers of this software have provided you with a few guidelines that you can use to effectively manage these risks:

Access Accurate and Up-To-Date Information from the Victory Crypto Website

Trade during the Peak Period:

Taking Part in the Verification Process:

Keep your Passwords and Access Codes a Secret


Earn While You Learn

With the aim of giving you financial power, control and security, Cryptoversity is an online school which allows you to generate money while you learn about the cryptocurrency world.

If you’ve ever felt anxious, stressed or overwhelmed about cypto, these courses are for you as they will increase your skills and, therefore, your confidence.

With a comprehensive list of courses, you can learn about subjects include Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, how to create wealth and freedom with cryptocurrencies, and how to keep your digital assets safe.

Each course is presented in bite-sized video lessons and the content is easy to watch and absorb and you can progress through them all at your own pace for a fully rounded education.

Each course is supported by a complete money-back guarantee to protect your investment, and will reward you with Bitcoin after you have completed it.

You Will Gain:

  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing your wallet and money are safe
  • The ability to confidently take an active part in the crypto revolution
  • Knowledge about greater computer security
  • Awareness of potential scams and how to detect and withstand them.

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What You Will Learn: The Courses

Foundation Level: ‘Bitcoin, The End of Money’

An hour-long documentary that explains the basics of Bitcoin and how it works in the traditional monetary system.

Practical Level: ‘Secrets of the Bitcoin Triangle’

21 ways to save and make money with Bitcoin. The course is easy to follow for beginners because they start at the beginning. This course is designed for people who do not want to learn the technical aspects of Bitcoin, but instead want to make and save money.

Deep Understanding Level: ‘The Digital Money Revolution’

Bitcoin is providing the opportunity to create, for the first time in human history, a modern financial system that is fair, equalitarian and free from corruption. This course will give you the information you need to understand this digital money revolution.

Wealth Building Level: ‘Master Cryptocurrency Trader’ course

The truth is that many investors lose money, often due to factors such as:

  • Little knowledge of the market
  • Over confidence
  • Panic selling
  • Discontinuing education

It is important to stay on top of the market and have other investors help with research. It is essential to create a community that has wealth knowledge. The story can be very different for well-informed traders who are prepared as most crypto price fluctuations can be predicted if strategies are based on statistical analysis, market indices and predictable price patterns.

This course will show you how to multiply your digital assets more quickly.

Blockchain Security Essentials:

This course was designed to protect your personal assets. Cybercrime is a problem in the crypto space. Learn how to make it almost impossible for your digital assets be stolen or hacked. Peace of mind is the key to everything.

Money Likes You:

This course will show you how to turn your social media time into an automated income stream using new blockchain-based social media networks.

Crypto Exchange Mastery:

All cryptocurrency trading is done through exchanges. This course will show you how to use these exchanges and how to get started on your investment journey.

Additional courses:

  • Understanding the Problem Crypto solves
  • Hidden Secrets of Money
  • DeFi Revolution
  • DeFi Supercharger

There’s also an online forum within the university for online discussions about any of the courses or topics, where you can chat with the university’s founder and other students and find answers to your questions.

Cryptoversity is suitable for investors of all levels of experience. But it is not a way to make money quickly and should not be perceived as such. This product is for the astute, patient investor who fully understands the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market and knows that a fortune is unlikely to be built overnight.

Access CryptoVersity here!

Remember that cryptocurrency trading comes with risk. Your success is not guaranteed by anyone. Your investment decisions must be your own responsibility.

Disclaimer: IlluviumFox is not a financial advisor. Readers are advised to do their own due diligence before making any financial investment. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and risky. IlluviumFox is a new curation sites and we may sometimes use affiliate links. IlluviumFox takes no responsibility for any investment or action that readers take after reading articles on this site.