Access All P2E Games With New NFT Social Aggregator Marketplace March 2022

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With hundreds of games to choose from, and no organisation or coherence, the gaming metaverse can be confusing and overwhelming for gamers and investors.


But now Gamerse is aiming to revolutionise this with its one-stop shop for metaverse games.

The gaming industry has always been a catalyst for the mass adoption of novel technologies, whether it be home computers, smartphones or VR/AR. Today, history is repeating itself through the rise of blockchain-integrated games. The average gamer can now monetize their gameplay and their value via in-game rewards and collectibles in the form of NFTs. This unique synergy for both developers and gamers offered by the play-to-earn system has seen the Gamefi space become the blockchain industry’s leading segment in terms of utility. The potential of blockchain integrated games has not gone unnoticed, with major game developers and entertainment conglomerates poised to enter the space.

Despite this, the blockchain gaming industry is still in its infancy, with developers, gamers and investors currently facing growing pains. Like any explosion, the aftermath of the NFT gaming boom of 2021 left a fragmented gaming space. While the over-saturation of play-to-earn titles can leave gamers and investors overwhelmed and game developers apprehensive that releases and NFT drops are lost in the vast Gamefi space. Gamerse, the first ever NFT gaming and metaverse social media platform provides a promising solution to these glaring industry-wide problems in the form of its Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM).

Gamerse: The first unifying social hub for the NFT gaming industry 

Gaming, at its essence, is a social experience, as any lifelong gamer will tell you. Gamerse’s mission is to provide an immersive social ecosystem for NFT gaming enthusiasts to form communities, trade and explore the rapidly growing blockchain gaming industry. With an ambitious roadmap and a team determined to deliver, the next milestone towards Gamerse’s vision is the release of the first feature of its platform, the Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM).

Deep Dive into SAM  

Gamerse’s SAM is a cross-chain, cross-platform social hub that curates, displays, and facilitates all gaming NFTs and their transactions to provide a true one-stop-shop for play-to-earn gamers.

The home page will allow users to explore exclusive NFT drops and initial NFT offerings in collaboration with a plethora of Gamerse’s partners, Metaverse projects and influencers via its “Featured Drops” section. Users can also explore and participate in ongoing auctions. To ensure users never miss a drop from their favourite games, SAM will also feature a “Calendar View” where users can view upcoming drops and auctions and set alerts. To find statistics and analytics around specific NFT games and larger NFT trends, Gamerse’s SAM offers its marketplace data according to rankings (highest rated by Gamerse community, sales volume and followers) and activity through it’s “Top Ranking Games/Gamers” leaderboards.

The heart of the platform is the marketplace itself and it’s multi-chain ecosystem. The marketplace page will aggregate listed NFTs which users can easily filter by chain, Games (creators), Gamers (collectors), marketplace, categories and more. Gamers can easily browse a cross-chain and cross-platform ecosystem to find their NFTs, while integrated games will enjoy increased visibility. Upon launch, SAM includes cross-chain capabilities for BSC and Polygon, with future plans of integrating Solana, Ethereum, Phantom, Avalanche, Harmony and more.

SAM will integrate a diverse range of gaming titles, each of which will enjoy their own Verified Game Page which acts as their social profile on the platform. All NFTs listed on the game’s own marketplace will be displayed on their profile page as interactive flip-cards, which on their rear will display key details pertaining to the NFT. Users can visit their favourite game’s verified pages to purchase and engage.

Users will also be able to mint directly on the platform and display their creations on their own profile along with their NFT collections and those for sale. Users can follow each other, comment on the displayed NFTs, share content and directly message to trade. This creates an interactive and immersive environment for gamers while encouraging trading on the platform.

The platform’s friendly UI, intuitive navigation and a seamless one click sign up process ensures Gamerse caters to a non-crytosavy user base as adoption increases. Ease of use is further ensured through the integration of a fiat on-ramp and listing of NFTs in their USD value.

Boasting a plethora of features, Gamerse’s SAM will provide gaming enthusiasts and investors a platform to explore the NFT gaming space, socialise and trade. While game developers will benefit from increased exposure beyond their own communities. As the blockchain gaming space continues to grow, so will the fragmentation issue. With the solutions provided by Gamerse, the integration into such a platform  will become standard protocol in the launch of new play-to-earn games in the near future.

About Gamerse

As the first ever NFT gaming and metaverse social media platform, Gamerse provides a single unifying hub for the fragmented NFT gaming industry. NFT gaming enthusiasts will enjoy an immersive social ecosystem they can call home to form communities, trade NFTs and explore the rapidly growing blockchain gaming space. Gamerse is gearing up for the release of the first feature of its platform, the Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM), a cross-chain, cross-platform social hub acting as a one-stop-shop for play-to-earn gamers.

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