Win Over $500,000 Of Crypto As FACEIT Joins Cake DeFi To Create P2E Games

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May 17th 2022

Faceit gamers are way more crypto-savvy than the mainstream population, and a new collaboration with Cake DeFi will give them the opportunity to combine these two interests and earn actual crypto from their gaming activities.

Facilitated by Pivot Agency, the collaboration will provide Cake DeFi with authentic brand exposure to all FACEIT users globally through a series of bespoke and multifaceted gaming experiences, which will offer the community a chance to win crypto. This year Cake DeFi will be offering players more than half a million dollars in prizes, paid in crypto.

Research suggests that 55% of the millennial gamers own crypto, as compared to just five percent of all millennials, illustrating the natural connection between the gaming and crypto industry.

The partnership with FACEIT marks Cake DeFi’s first move into the gaming and esports space. The agreement will offer the company access to FACEIT’s 25 million user base, the largest network of competitive gamers, and will offer players a unique opportunity to earn actual crypto prizes while playing.

Furthermore, through Cake DeFi’s platform and access to decentralized finance applications, they can compound their winnings and earn returns on their crypto.

Michele Attisani, co-founder and CBO of FACEIT, said,

“The FACEIT platform is home to the largest community of competitive gamers, which means we have a unique understanding of this audience. Our users are incredibly forward-thinking and educated when it comes to crypto, so the partnership we chose had to bring tangible and substantial value to be of interest. The collaboration with Cake DeFi is much more than brand integration and offers our community clear experiential and financial benefits [that] go beyond what any partnership of this type has delivered before.”

FACEIT users are core gamers who spend an average of two-and-a-half hours per day on the platform. A recent survey of FACEIT users found that many were already interested in and investing in crypto, showing a natural synergy between both brands and industries.

  • They are innovative thinkers with 66% agreeing that cryptocurrencies are the future of online transactions
  • Eighty percent have heard of crypto
  • Thirty-six percent invest in crypto
  • Forty-six percent very likely or likely to use crypto in the next 12 months – four times more likely than the general population to use cryptocurrency for online purchases

The partnership will incorporate Cake DeFi missions, involving in-game tasks and monthly challenges for players to complete in order to win crypto prizes. It will also include Cake DeFi weekly tournaments, which will run throughout the year and will be open to FACEIT players around the world.

Players will be able to earn even greater rewards on the crypto they win when they sign up to Cake DeFi. All crypto prizes are redeemable through their Cake DeFi account, allowing FACEIT to expand its current play-to-earn offering.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Julian Hosp, CEO and co-founder of Cake DeFi, said,

“Gamers have a natural affinity with crypto, and they can now join us on the DeFi movement. Cake DeFi’s partnership with FACEIT will allow players to earn crypto while they game and further earn returns on their crypto through our platform. In 2021, we paid out $230 million in rewards to our customers. So it’s a win-win-win for FACEIT gamers.”

Cake DeFi is the leading crypto fintech platform that provides users access to DeFi (decentralized finance) services and applications such as liquidity mining, staking and lending, which generates regular returns for users.

They currently manage over $1 billion in customer assets and offer users one of the highest returns on crypto in the market, as a one-stop platform that is easy to use, secure and transparent. Last year they paid out $230 million in rewards to customers  and this year, they are looking to increase this to 74% more or $400 million in rewards.


FACEIT is the leading competitive platform for online multiplayer games, with over 25 million users. Through FACEIT, players, organizers, game developers and brands can access a dedicated platform that empowers the development of the competitive gaming ecosystem through play, organization and social features.

By covering the whole spectrum of competitive gaming, from grassroots to professional players, the platform is the biggest of its kind and it already has a long-standing partnership with the most important gaming publishers in the industry.

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About Cake DeFi

Cake DeFi is a fully transparent, highly innovative and regulated fintech platform dedicated to providing access to decentralized financial services and applications by enabling users to generate returns from their crypto and digital assets. It is operated and registered in Singapore and is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

By enabling and empowering its users to harness the potential of decentralized finance, Cake DeFi aims to educate and inform people around the world on crypto and DeFi in a simple, easy-to-understand and hassle-free manner.

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