The best blockchain opportunities available

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In the previous post, I laid out 5 different ways that the blockchain is changing the world.

But you might be wondering, “how will that benefit me?”

If so, then I’d like to give you 3 opportunities that you can take advantage of to start benefiting from the blockchain:

1.  Developer

It’s amazing how many new developers are needed to assist with blockchain and crypto platforms.

What’s even more amazing is that people are starting from zero and landing high paying salaries in six months!

Because of the current need, there are companies that are willing to train those with an interest in coding for the blockchain.

You’ll have to get some coding under your belt first, but you can do this with some YouTube videos and a good course.

However, it’s not unheard of to land a six figure income within 12 months of starting to develop for the blockchain.

2.  Ecommerce and Advertising

By having access to the ledger of blockchain, forecasting and predicting trends will be a lot easier for those in ecommerce as well as advertisers.

Creating solutions based around this as well as real time shipment tracking, loyalty rewards, product authentication, and more – could lead to a huge payday for the right person that takes on the task.

3.  Investing and Finance

We’ve already talked about the benefit of trading the markets using bots in previous emails.  But that’s only the beginning.

There are so many other avenues on the blockchain with crypto assets.

Companies now are looking for ways to tokenize just about anything they can.  This includes debt, insurance, and other areas of finance.  One NBA player (Spencer Dinwiddie) even tried to tokenize his NBA contract!

Also, I’ve heard of oil companies are now looking to tokenize their oil so it can be traded on exchanges.

Wow, what an exciting time we live in now right?

However, there’s one simple way to begin profiting from the blockchain that takes really no skill.  It’s a form of investing and anyone can do it.

I’d say it’s the easiest way to start profiting from the crypto space.

And I’ll tell you how in the next post.

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