Illuvium News Site Launches Report On ILV March 2022 Crypto Token Updates

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Illuvium is an Ethereum blockchain-based adventure game and potentially the most exciting role-playing metaverse game to launch in 2022, with options to invest, stake and play to earn. is a news site focusing on the financial possibilities of the token as well as the metaverse as a whole.

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Industry research shows that the cryptocurrency market is expected to reach $2.73 billion by 2025. The new IlluviumFox site has been created to provide investors with the latest information and knowledge about the metaverse and cryptocurrencies so they can make smarter decisions.

While IlluviumFox provides a high-level overview of a number of different metaverse tokens and developments, its primary focus is the Illuvium game. Designed to empower gamers, as well as investors, to do more with their crypto assets, Illuvium, whose token is known as ILV, is being highly anticipated as one of the very best quality metaverse games due to its cinematic mode and beautiful, high quality animations, positioning it as a full scale AAA video game.

Users can collect NFTs and access a digital community of gamers from around the world, and a collection of decentralised applications allows players to very easily and quickly trade ILV and NFTs and multiply the rewards they earn through playing the game.

IlluviumFox is dedicated to providing crypto metaverse gamers and investors with an all-in-one destination for all the latest industry news. Recent reports have looked at why metaverse land may be a good investment, a brand new technology for NFT games and market fluctuations.

Kieran Warwick, one of the co-founders of Iluvium, states that the ILV token “represents ownership of the DAO. The DAO will distribute the in-game payments to the token holders so it will act as a passive source of income as well as the growth in the value of coin. It will also give owners the ability to vote on various aspects of the game such as game play elements, market fees, expansions and much more.”

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